The “Weekly Standard” has set torture as a “moral imperative” “The abolition of torture?”, title of the Weekly Standard dated December 5, 2005, making reference to “McCain’s amendment passed by the US Senate with 90 votes in favor and 9 against it. It should be assumed that the US neoconservative magazine has raised the issue of whether such amendment would be enough to put an end to a practice that is now generalized by the armed forces and the CIA, but the purpose of the Weekly Standard is totally different.

For the author, Charles Krauthammer, torture is justified in two cases: firstly, when an imminent terrorist action cannot be counteracted due to respect for long legal procedures, and it is possible to obtain information through severe methods quickly; secondly, when the interrogated person is a fat cat and torture is proportional to the damage he has caused. At the end, he concludes that in both cases, torture is not only authorized by moral standards, but is a moral duty to save lives.
Charles Krauhammer is a psychiatric doctor who has become an editorialist for neoconservative publications. He is also founder member of the Project for a New American Century.