It’s not necessary to be a genius to know that Islam awakens the interest of the West. This issue has become a burning theme. The first source of concern has to do with terrorism or, better to say, with the link between Islamic fundamentalism and the use of terrorist tactics. In this debate, people usually forget the attacks in Oklahoma City or Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. As a rule, such an analysis links terrorism to Islam as a whole by leading some people to believe that the war on terror is a war against Islam, an idea boosted by terrorist.
In view of this, those who, on the contrary, try to establish links between the West and Islam have no support at all and are the victims of the work done by the Christian right, which revives a Judeo-Christian legacy to intensify religious divisions. In addition, this Christian right considers the Jewish presence in the Holy Land as a messianic sign and encourages colonization by stirring up tensions with Islam. It will be difficult to fight this tendency.
It is necessary to develop a dialog between the creeds. The East and the West are too interdependent to allow an intensification of differences.

Daily Star (Lebanon)

The terrorism debate should not divide East and West”, by Thomas R. Pickering, Daily Star, January 3, 2006.