The Russian gas seems to be the unexpected and fundamental element that hampers Brussels’s expansionist will to the former Russian protectorates.
Since long ago, the Kremlin has been dealing with a plan conceived by the European Union and NATO to take over the pro-Russian area. In order to face the Euro-Atlantic adventure, the Russian gas seems to be its last card in this confrontation between Moscow and Brussels. The crisis between Russia and Ukraine regarding gas supply represents the sensitive side of the energy equation between Moscow and Europe. The European Union seems unable to defend Ukraine, which is considered, since a year ago, a new ally, because the Kremlin has a lethal weapon in its conflict with Europe, the energy, which would prevent the old continent from supporting Eastern European countries. Besides, the recruitment of various senior European officials and possible recruitment of former US officials by Moscow in the area of hydrocarbons, has shown up to what extend the Russians are planning to use the energy factor to determine its future and that of its enemies.
European sources in Brussels are expecting a fierce war against Russia in the energy sector as of this year. In this regard, Javier Solana, one of whose main objectives is to weaken Russia, still refuses to comment on the current crisis. The Russian energy threat only involves Ukraine, but affects the rest of the allied countries of the EU that depend on the Kremlin’s energy resources. Similarly, some experts talk about Russia’s will to control the whole market of European gas, taking into account the decrease of production in the countries like Norway, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
Moscow’s objective, three months before the Ukrainian elections, is to overthrow the current pro-European government. Likewise, the European members in Brussels have eventually started to abandon Ukraine, its allied of yesterday.


روسيا تشهر سلاح الغاز فى وجه أوروبا″, by Ali Ouhida, AlarabOnlie, December 26, 2005.