False flag operations and provocations have been a trademark of Israeli operations and Mossad interventions. Infiltrating the alleged enemy camp and using double agents to launch attacks against Israel , in order to justify incursions again neighboring countries have historically dominated the Israeli military and political stage.

NBC news and News services reported on February 21, 2009 that Israel shelled southern Lebanon Saturday after two rockets were fired toward the Jewish state by an unknown party. Israeli officials stated that Israeli shells landed in the vicinity of the Mansouri and Al-Qualaila areas in Southern Lebanon .

A resident removes glass after a rocket fired from southern Lebanon hit her apartment building in the northern Israeli town of Nahariya.

The militant Hezbollah group disavowed any knowledge or connection to the incident, and issued a statement denying responsibility for the attack.

Hezbollah (the party of God) happens to have a large rocket arsenal but is not believed to have used them against Israel since their 2006 war according the NBC news services.

Ironically, the attack came a day after the Israeli president chose a hard-line, blood-thirsty Likud leader, Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new Israeli government.

The last rockets launched from Lebanon into Israel were fired on January 8, 2009 when a Palestinian group allegedly said that it had attacked Israel in response to the offensive in Gaza, a Palestinian territory that was totally decimated by the recent Israeli incursion, and where 1,300 Palestinians were killed in the 22 day operation that ended in a cease fire on January 18, 2009.

The first disturbing question to ask is, why did the Israeli president who is known to be an Anglo-American establishment asset like many of the Israeli leaders, would appoint a Machiavellian hawk to form the new government? Did he receive directions from his Anglo-American masters to instigate a new war in the region that will meet the pre-planned carving and reshaping of the entire area?

The second puzzling question is, whether Hezbollah’s leadership is extremely stupid to start a new war with Israel, or they harbor double agents and provocateurs as in the case of the Hamas party who are willing to sacrifice their people and their sovereignty for few dollars?

Or, is the Israeli leadership conducting its usual Machiavellian games to achieve the end results they desire, like inciting another low intensity conflict that will distract the international community from the economic and settlement issues at hand, while they satisfy their thirst for blood and their imperial ambition? The payoff for Israel will obviously be the takeover of the Litani River , in which Israel has always desperately needed for water supplies.

The final question that we should all ask is, whether the New president Obama is simply a new face on an old policy that will continue to create new contrived conflicts, and generate wars that engender high levels of fear to divert the public’s short span attention from the economic woes, the prevalent corruption, the reckless spending, the bailout of the wall street thieves, the grand larceny of American wealth, the loss of privacy and personal rights, the death of the dollar, and the new global world order?

Source: By Rev. Richard Skaff