Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez warned against the propensity towards selectivity of some of the more powerful and developed nations, reported Prensa Latina. Regarding the cooperation mechanism between the EU and GRIO,he said that it remains to be seen if there is genuine political will to establish a strategic alliance.

Cooperation, as seen through the eyes of the EU-GRIO ought to be mutually beneficial for Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, affirmed the Foreign minister.

In this regard, he said that willingness could be demonstrated by carrying out the Aid for Development programme, cancelling the foreign debt, eliminating subsidies, and curbing brain drain and discriminatory migratory policies.

Rodriguez pointed out that energy concerns and environmental threats such as climate change are closely linked to irrational and unsustainable production and consumption patterns in rich countries.

He said that along with pursuing more efficient practices and sustainable energy sources, changing consumption patterns needs to be a primary concern.

Bruno Rodríguez said that Cuba is working hard at promoting energy consciousness and efficiency at home to reduce consumption, and cooperating in this endeavor with 16 countries.

The Cuban Foreign minister also spoke about regional energy initiatives such as PetroCaribe and reiterated his country’s opposition to using farmland to produce biofuels.

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