The note adds that the disease was detected in the following people:

 An American four-year old boy who arrived in Cuba from Florida with his mother on June 6.

 A Cuban 73-year-old woman who traveled to the United States on April 21st and returned to Cuba on June 11th.

 A Cuban 26-year-old man who arrived from Alacala de Henares, Spain, on June 12th.

 A Cuban 45-year-old woman who arrived from Toronto, Canada, on June 11th.

The note adds that all patients were hospitalized and that they are receiving treatment and progressing well. It recalls that people should immediately contact health professionals if fever or any other respiratory symptoms appear.

The note explains that, with these four patients, the number of cases of people infected, all of whom arrived from abroad, rose to 13. It also announces that, from now on, all reports on new cases will be published on Fridays.

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