Amid shouts of "victory" and straight-armed salutes, the Movimento Sociale Italiano party (MSI), which believes Italy would be a better country if it stopped immigration and cracked down on those who sneak in illegally, is celebrating the fact that new legislation passed by the Italian senate has met many of their wishes.

Up to 600,000 illegal immigrants are estimated to live in Italy, many of whom arrived from Africa seeking a better life.

But under a new law, Italians will now be required to turn them in to authorities in a crack down on migrants who enter the country illegally.

The law makes illegal immigration a crime punishable with a maximum fine of $14,000 and raises to six months the amount of time that illegal migrants can be detained in holding centres before being kicked out of the country.

As Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports, the law comes as the leaders of the world’s eight wealthiest nations prepare to meet in Italy, where the financial crisis, a major factor in immigration, will be at the top of the agenda.

Source: Al Jazeera