In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Secretary General,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am grateful to Almighty God for granting me the opportunity to be present once more in this important global assembly. During the past four years I spoke of the world’s major challenges, their underlying sources and causes and the necessity for the re-evaluation of the ideas and deeds of the powerful, in addition to the necessity of new approaches.

I spoke of two opposing currents: one being the preeminence of one’s own material gains over that of others, which, following the imposition of one’s will upon other nations, leads to the spreading of inequality, oppression, poverty, privation, degradation, aggression, occupation, and treachery, ultimately leading to a bleak future of despondency for humanity.

I spoke of the other current as being one in which monotheistic faith and observing the teachings of Godly messengers coupled with respect for human dignity and love for humankind allows one to seek a world blessed with security, freedom, prosperity, lasting peace based on justice, and morality for all. A current that respects every individual and nation, honors worthy indigenous, national and human cultures, and seeks an end to global discrimination and strives for the establishment of equality for all before a law based on fairness and fraternity in harnessing possibilities, having access to educational opportunities, and human advancement and progress, thus giving the glad tidings of a better future for all.

Friends and Colleagues,

Today and in continuation, I would like to bring to your attention some points regarding the dimensions of the changes and transformations that need to take place.

First Point:

Clearly, it is not viable to continue having the status quo dominating the world. The current adverse, one-sided conditions defy human spirit and are in direct contradiction with the objective of the creation of humanity and of the world.

The production of fake currencies, injecting of the equivalent of tens of thousands of unreal dollars into the world’s economy and creating serious budget shortages, as well as the transfer of inflation and other economic woes to other countries and the transportation of the wealth of others to the economies of certain special governments is no longer effective.

The economic apparatus of an unrestrained capitalist system with its unjust arrangements has reached its end and is no longer functioning. This one-sided equation no longer holds. The age of imposing the opinion of cold capitalism and forcing the style and tendencies of a particular group on the rest of the world, of expansion of global domination in the name of building the world and the era of establishing empires, have ended. The period of humiliating other nations and imposing double standards, biased policies and multifaceted discriminatory values has passed. The fact that the fulfillment of the desired aims of certain governments was the only criteria for determining whether freedom and democracy existed in a region and that under the guise of freedom, the most repulsive methods of deceit and threat were presented as democratic and dictators were considered democrats, is abhorrent and lacks legitimacy.

No longer can a group of people define democracy and freedom in their preferred terms and consider themselves the criteria of such. They can no longer pose as judge and executioner while having shortcomings themselves and fight governments that truly adhere to the principles of democracy. Prevalence of freedom on a global level and the awakening of nations does not allow for consumption from such an indecent source and that is why most nations including the people of the United States are awaiting a type of change that is profound and true and they have and continue to embrace the slogan of change.

Who would think that the continuation of the imposition of inhumane policies in Palestine would be possible? The fact that a nation is forced out of its home at gunpoint for more than 60 years against all human values or that they are subject to attack by all types of inhumane means including rockets and even outlawed weapons and deprived of the right to defend its legitimate rights (is incomprehensible). What is more amazing is that they call the invaders and occupiers, “peace loving” and “righteous” and the oppressed people, “terrorist” before the eyes of a stunned world.

How is it possible that the crimes of a group of invaders against defenseless women and children and the destruction of homes, farms, schools and hospitals receive the full, unconditional support of certain governments while innocent men and women are subjected to the most severe siege and food, water and medicine blockades and become victims of genocide.

Even the reconstruction of their homes which were destroyed during the 22 day violent invasion by the Zionists is prevented in the midst of a cold winter. At the same time the aggressors and their supporters are chanting slogans of human rights while subjecting other countries to pressure under such pretext.

It is no longer acceptable for an absolute minority to use a complex network designed in the most cruel manner, in order to dominate the economic, political and cultural segments of a large part of the world, institute a new system of slavery and sacrifice the honor of nations including European and American people in its quest to satisfy its racist avarice.

It is not acceptable that a group militarily invades the Middle East from several thousand kilometers away and brings death, war, terror, threat and invasion to the region, and ignores the sensitivity of the people of the region towards their destiny and their national security and remains apathetic towards their calls against injustice and invasion as they label their support for their innocent coreligionist, “resistance to peace and interference in the affairs of others.” See the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

No longer can the slogan of “fighting terrorism and narcotics” be used to militarily occupy a country while narcotic production in that very country increases many folds, terrorism expands many folds, thousands of innocent people die, or are left injured and homeless, infrastructures are destroyed, regional security is threatened and the main culprits continuously accuse others.

The rhetoric of friendship and assistance to other nations can no longer be used while military bases are being expanded in all parts of the world including Latin America. This situation cannot continue. Expansionist and inhuman policies can no longer be carried out using the logic of militarism. The logic of force and threat has far graver consequences and amplifies current problems.

It is not acceptable that the military expenditures of some countries are several times higher than the total military budget of the rest of the world. It is not acceptable that each year, hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons are exported, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons are stockpiled, military bases are established in different parts of the globe and at the same time other countries are accused of warmongering and prevented from scientific progress. Meanwhile global resources are plundered using the false rhetoric of controlling the proliferation of weapons.

It is not acceptable that the United Nations and the Security Council which are supposed to represent all nations and their decision making process is to be based on the most popular and democratic methods are dominated by a few countries and serve their interests and wishes. Essentially, in a world where thought, culture and public opinion is the determining factor, the continuation of the present situation is impossible and fundamental transformation is an unavoidable necessity.

Second Point:

Transformation and change must take place both in the visual and practical realms. in the structures as well as methods, and in the most basic and fundamental manner. It is not possible to bring about transformation and establish the desired order based on the same thought processes and methods that have been the root causes of all the problems of the globe.

Liberal thought and domineering capitalism separates humankind from ethics and heavenly realms and not only fails to bring happiness and bliss to humanity but will be the cause of wretchedness and brings about war, poverty and deprivation.

Everyone witnessed how one-sided economic structures under the influence of political maneuverings sacrificed the interests of nations at the feet of a group of unethical entrepreneurs. Such mechanisms cannot improve the present circumstances. Political and economic structures established after the Second World War which were devised according to the intentions of those who wanted to dominate the world have not succeeded in implementing justice or lasting security.

Leaders who do not feel the love for humanity in their hearts and are void of any inclination towards justice within themselves, can never grant peace and extend a hand of friendship towards humanity.

By the grace of God in the same manner that Marxism joined the annals of history, expansionist Capitalism will also become a part of the past. Because according to the Divine tradition mentioned in the Revered Quran as a fundamental principle, falsehood is cast aside like the foam on the surface of the sea and that which serves mankind will endure. Everyone must beware that colonialist goals which are discriminatory and inhuman are not pursued under the guise of new rhetoric and within fresh packaging.

The world needs fundamental changes and everyone must help and cooperate in ensuring that such changes take place within the right course so that under this light, no individual and no government would consider themselves exempt from transformation and better than others or claim to be a world leader and impose on the rest.

Third Point:

The underlying and lesser known cause of all global problems is that a group of world leaders have deviated from the path of ethics, human values and teachings of the prophets of God. Unfortunately, in a number of major global relations, love and sacrifice for the salvation and prosperity of others and insistence upon justice and human dignity has been replaced by selfishness, insatiable greed and limitless personal pleasures.

Monotheism has given way to selfishness and some have positioned themselves in the place of God, and insist on imposing their viewpoints and wishes on the rest of the world lacking essential human credentials. Falsehood has replaced honesty, duplicity has taken the place of earnestness, selfishness has replaced sacrifice for others, deceit in conducting transactions is called wisdom and shrewdness, plundering of the wealth of others is named progress and development, occupation of foreign lands is revered as freedom and democracy and the oppression of defenseless nations is propagated as defense of human rights.

Friends and Colleagues,

Resolving global problems and establishing justice and peace cannot materialize save by the will of all nations and governments and their cooperation. The era of polarization resulting from the domination and rule of a few governments over the world has come to an end.

Today, we need to rise with a collective commitment against the status quo. We need to take change and transformation seriously and through general cooperation and struggle we must all try to return to ethical, human and innate values.

Godly prophets and the righteous came to shed light on the true nature of humanity and the personal and public responsibilities of human beings. Purity, crystal clear faith in God, in ultimate accountability and in the implementation of justice in both worlds, seeking true happiness through the happiness of others and prosperity and security in the prosperity and security of others, respect for humankind and struggle for the propagation of love and kindness instead of resentment and self-centeredness, and encouraging serving others instead of dominating them has been at the forefront of the teachings of Godly messengers from Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, Moses and Jesus and Mohammad (May the Peace and Blessings of God be Upon Him).

They all came to ensure that there will be no war, that discrimination and poverty are uprooted, ignorance is wiped out and happiness and bliss dominates all people and all societies. They were the best gifts of God to mankind. If the thought of awaiting the victory of good and the establishment of the righteous government becomes a global way of thinking and we struggle together for the prosperity of all humankind, then the hope for improvement is realized and intensified.

Fourth Point:

In my opinion, several important agendas are before us which can be a guide for the Secretary General and the General Assembly of the United Nations to plan their actions and initiate their course.

1. Improving the structure of the United Nations and transforming it into an updated, popular institution that is impartial, free, just and effective in global relations; improving the structure of the Security Council and abolishing the discriminatory special advantage veto power, immediately insuring the complete fulfillment of Palestinian rights by holding free referendums and preparing the grounds for the peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Christians and Jews of Palestine, ending interferences in the affairs of Iraq and Afghanistan, Middle East, African nations, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Governments can last in atheism and not by oppression. if they are oppressive.

These are the words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Oppression and the violation of the rights of people in Palestine like the continuous displacement of yet another group of the true owners of Palestinian lands, residing in Jerusalem, destruction of homes by the Occupiers of Quds, aerial bombardment of Afghanistan and Pakistan, abuse in Guantanamo which is unfortunately still open and the secret prisons of Europe still continue to this day. The continuation of the present circumstances will intensify disappointments and leads to violence. Oppression and invasion must be halted. Unfortunately, no complete and official report on the conducts of the Zionist regime in Gaza has been issue. The Honorable Secretary General and the United Nations have a great burden of responsibility on their shoulders regarding this matter that must be pursued. The world community is impatiently waiting for the fair punishment of those who invaded Gaza and the murderers of its defenseless people.

2. Improving economic structures and establishment of ethical and humane economic relations in the world in a manner that serves the exaltation of humanity and is based on true justice. One that helps flourish the talents and capabilities of nations and endows prosperity on all and guarantees the lives of future generations.

3. Improving international political relations, establishing relations based on lasting peace and friendship, ending the destructive arms race and political competitions, nuclear, chemical and biological disarmament and preparing the grounds for general utilization of advanced peaceful technologies for the betterment of humanity.

4. Improving cultural structures, respecting indigenous habits and customs, promotion of ethics and morality and strengthening the warm, lasting and prosperous institution of family as the building block of a prosperous society.

5. Public commitment to the preservation of environment and adhering to global rules and regulations in order to prevent the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources.

Fifth Point:

The Iranian nation, by holding a glorious and completely free election, has opened a new chapter for national prosperity and extended global engagements, and through the indisputable vote of the people have placed the burden of responsibility upon my shoulders.

I therefore announce that the great nation of Iran that are the builders of human civilization and the institution of the Islamic Republic as one of the most popular and progressive governments of the world are ready to utilize every available cultural, political and economic capability to devise a fair plan that is respectful to all and is based on humanitarian solutions to end all concerns and challenges of the human society and participate actively and effectively in this endeavor.

Our nation that is the builder of culture is itself among the greatest victims of blind terrorism and during the first decade of its 30 year revolution has defended itself against an all out military aggression against its territories. Our nation has always been the subject of detestation and disfavor of those who one day fully supported Saddam in his aggression against Iranian soil and the use of chemical warfare agents and at another time attacked Iraq under the pretext of ending the evil of Saddam.

Our nation seeks a world filled with beauty and kindness for all nations and announces that while powerfully defending its legitimate and legal rights, will protect lasting peace and security for all nations based on justice, morality and human dignity.

Our nation is prepared to warmly shake the hands that extend in honesty for the fulfillment of these goals. No nation in its quest for advancement considers itself above the need for change and improvement. We welcome true, humane transformation and we are ready for active cooperation in implementing structural global improvements. Therefore we must stress the fact that the only path of salvation is return to monotheism and justice. This is the greatest hope and opportunity in all ages and in all generations. Without faith in God and commitment to carrying out justice and confronting injustice and discrimination, the world will not become orderly.

Human beings are the pivotal point of creation. What distinguishes them is their humanity. This is the very truth that seeks fairness, purity, love, knowledge, wisdom and all other distinctions. These human values must be supported and become accessible to all people. Eliminating any of them would mean the elimination of a human dimension. These are shared elements that join all human societies and are the bases of peace, security and friendship among nations.

Divine religions are attentive to all aspects of human life including worship of God, ethics, justice, fighting oppression, and the struggle for the establishment of fair and righteous governments.

Prophet Abraham was the symbol of monotheism at the time of Nimrod, Prophet Moses stood against the Pharaoh, and Prophets Jesus and Mohammad (Peace be Upon them All) struggled against the oppressors of their time to the point that they were threatened to death and were forced into exile. Without resistance and protest, injustices will not be eliminated from the world.

Final Point:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The world is in the process of change and transformation. God’s promised destiny for mankind is the pure existence of humanity. The day will come that justice will become all encompassing and global and every individual will be honored and revered. It is then that the path of human excellence will open before humankind and people will move toward becoming Divine creatures reflecting the Divine attributes of God. Human beings should reach a point that they become manifestations of “knowledge and wisdom”, “mercy and forgiving”, “justice and fairness”, “power and ethics” and “charity and kindness” of God.

All this can be attained when humanity reaches its zenith and the last Divine resource, a progeny of the beloved prophet of Islam, Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him) will appear and so will Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon him) and all other righteous people who will assist him in this great global endeavor and this is the very idea of awaiting a savior. Awaiting the government of the good and the righteous which is the hope of all people for the betterment of the world. They shall come and with the aid of the pious and the righteous will fulfill the historical ideals of human beings for freedom, excellence, growth, security and tranquility, peace and magnificence. They shall come to end war and aggression and bestow knowledge, morality and friendship on all humankind. Yes, (and indeed) yes, a bright future lies ahead for humanity.

Friends, let us await that magnificent era and in a joint commitment prepare the grounds for a better future. Long live love and morality, long live peace and security, long live justice and freedom.

I thank you all.

Peace be upon you…