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Statement regarding the Separation Wall by heads of Churches in Jerusalem

| Al Quods/Jerusalem (Palestine/Israel)

We, the heads of churches in Jerusalem affirm our determination to do all in our power to work for Peace in this Holy Land, a Peace that is concerned with the well-being of every resident of this land, be they Israeli or Palestinian, to give the security, justice, freedom, independence and personal dignity.

Let no one doubt our abhorrence of violence, whoever the perpetrator. Peace will only be established when all violence, is eradicated from both sides. If the present road Map for Peace is to bring positive results, we believe the Separation Wall constitutes a grave obstacle. For both nations the Wall will result in a feeling of isolation. Moreover, for many Palestinians it means the deprivation of land, (some 10% more than that of the Occupation in 1967), livelihood, statehood and family life. Occupation remains the root cause of the conflict and of the continuing suffering in the Holy Land,

Take for example the proposed Separation Wall around Bethlehem, for us Christians, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace. The consequences will be devastating to the Christian Community; not least, the psychological impact on daily life. The community will be isolated following the deprivation of access to land and the freedom of movement. Visits of pilgrims will be further discouraged.

We appeal to both authorities, Israeli and Palestinian, and to all Peace loving peoples around the world, who should make urgent contact with their leaders, both Political and Religious, in an effort to remove this implement to a comprehensive and lasting peace.

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His Beatitude Michel Sabbah

His Beatitude Michel Sabbah Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem (1987-2008). International President of Pax Christi. Grand Prior of the chivalric Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

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Swerios Malki Mourad

Archevêque du patriarcat orthodoxe syrien de Jérusalem.

Riah Abu El-Assal

Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem.

His Grace Bishop Dr. Munib Younan

His Grace Bishop Dr. Munib Younan Evangelical Lutheran Church Bishop of Palestine and Jordan. President of the International Christian Committee (ICC) in Jerusalem.

Torkom II Manougian

Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Giovanni Battistalli

OFM Custos of the Holy Land.

Anba Abraham

Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of Jerusalem.

Abba Cuostos

Ethiopian Orthodox Archbishop of Jerusalem.

Mtanious Haddad

Greek Catholic Patriarchal Exarch, Jerusalem.

Butros Malki

Syrian Catholic Bishop in Jerusalem.

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