“The Cuban Foreign Ministry categorically rejects this new hostile action of the
Government of the United States that derives from the inclusion of Cuba on the so-called list of state sponsors of terrorism for merely political reasons,” reads the statement published on Friday by Granma newspaper.
Press reports revealed last Monday, January 4th, that the US’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was putting into force new measures to tighten airport and airline security. According to the TSA, the measures – that include more rigorous screening, full-body pat-downs, body scans and hands-on luggage inspection - apply to all “passengers with passports from, or itineraries through, states sponsors of terrorism and countries of interest.”

The countries specified as sponsors of terrorism are Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria while countries considered prone to terrorism are Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.

The MINREX Declaration adds that on January 5th, confirmed the adoption of the measures that had already been implemented since the day before.

The document also rejects all the arguments used by the White House to include Cuba on the list and highlights Cuba’s efforts in the international fight against terrorism.

The statement also urges the US Government to act with determination and without double standards against those who, from US territory, have planned and carried out terrorist actions against Cuba. It also urges Washington to release the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who remain unjustly imprisoned there since 1998.

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