Going by the tax declaration forms filed by George Soros and his two sons, Jonathan and Andrea Soros, The Washington Times disclosed that the billionnaire contributed 245 000 dollars to J Street during the 2008-09 fiscal year.

Thus far, Mr. Soros has denied the existence of such donations. But, J Street has recognized that it received 750 000 dollars from Soros since it was created three years ago.

J Street’s chief donor is a mysterious shell company registered in Hong Kong, Consolacion Esdicul.

J Street is a lobby group set up by a faction of the Zionist movement to counterbalance AIPAC’s influence in the United States.

It is close to the Obama administration - just like AIPAC was to the Bush administration. Its representatives have free acces to the White House and frequently participate in top-level meetings.

This lobby group qualified Operation Cast Lead, that devastated Gaza, as "disproportionate" and spoke out against the Iranian sanctions. Its members consider that Tel Aviv’s hard-line policies are leading Israel to a dead end and jeopardizing its very existence. They would favour a more supple Israeli policy and a two-state solution, in tune with President Obama’s statement at the United Nations.

The creation of a sister association should soon be announced in London.


« Soros revealed as funder of liberal Jewish-American lobby », by Eli Lake, The Washington Times, 24 September 2010.