At 6:00am its center was located at 18.4 degrees North and 74.7 degrees West, close to Cape Tiburon, Haiti; around 134 miles South-southeast Punta de Maisi, the easternmost point of Cuba and around 192 miles South-southeast Gran Inagua, Eastern Bahamas.

A hurricane warning is in effect in the easternmost province of Cuba, Guantanamo and the municipalities of Moa, Frank Pais, Sagua de Tanamo, Mayari, Antilla and Gibara located to east of the province of Holguin. A hurricane watch is in effect in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba and the municipalities of Banes and Rafael Freyre of Holguin; while the informative phase was established for the provinces of Granma and Las Tunas.

The National Civil Defense Council has urged local authorities and the population to stay informed on the progress of Hurricane Tomas and to follow the measures established to protect human lives and property. This government body has also warned over the situation of reservoirs and said they should be closely monitored given the expected impact of heavy rains associated with the weather phenomenon.

Students on boarding schools and people living in coastal areas of the threatened provinces have been evacuated due to the danger of sea flooding, according to several media outlets.

Flights and bus and train service to and from Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo were suspended as of this Friday until the storm pass.

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