Iranian public television dedicated a special two-hour programme to the latest revelations outed by Russian magazine Odnako on the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri.

Moussa Kassir, a Lebanese political scientist member of Hezbollah, recalled that Hariri’s armoured vehicle had been developed by Mercedes-Benz, using rare metals. The company prided itself on the car’s resistance to conventional attacks, to the point of offering a 20 million dollar insurance in the event of its destruction by TNT-type explosifs. Only the German-made weapon resulting from a combination of nanotechnology and nuclear technology would be capable of shattering such materials.

Participating through video-conference, Lebanese general Hicham Jaber, a military expert of international fame who is frequently consulted by Western media, confirmed one by one all the facts exposed by Thierry Meyssan. According to Jaber, the shape of the crater leaves no room for doubt: a missile was used to carry out the attack, while the traces of radioactivity deriving from enriched uranium are unequivocal proof that the missile employed coincides with the German weapon evoked by Mr. Meyssan.