Machado Ventura explained that in order to achieve that goal it’s necessary that each worker, besides fulfilling his eight-hour shift, carries out his duty to the letter, which is impossible when there are excess workers.

The first vice-president toured health facilities in Baracoa, accompanied by Luis Torres, member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and its first secretary in Guantanamo; Luis Fernando Navarro, president of the People’s Power in the province, and Eudis Romero, top political leader in Baracoa.

During his exchanges with the board of directors of the municipal Octavio de la Concepcion y de la Pedraja general hospital, Machado Ventura insisted on the imperative of using the country’s human resources rationally.

He also visited the Ramon Guevara Montano dental office, and spoke with the staff and with neighbors of this city, who were waiting to be seen by dentists.

At the Hermanos Martinez Tamayo teaching policlinic, in La Pasada, the Politburo member spoke with physicians and nurses and with patient Alexis Piti, who arrived to the emergency room with hypertension problems.

Thanks to the current process of reorganization of health services, the policlinic
increased the number of its family doctor’s offices from 30 to 44.

Machado Ventura visited the family doctor office of Cay Guin, located on the road to Moa, one of the 10 existing in the province with extended services, which include medical guard, stomatology, electrocardiography and clinical laboratory.

The Cuban leader also corroborated the reorganization of public health in the municipality while visiting Nibujon, where the a family doctor’s office was added to its rehabilitation ward –barely used before-, in addition to maintaining its services of electrotherapy, diathermia, podiatry and mechanic therapy, characteristic of these units.

The new family doctor’s office joined another one that already existed in this coastal area, which will make it possible to improve the health of workers in this neighborhood almost bordering the municipality of Moa (Holguin province).

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