The Americans wars to pillage Africa

The American administration is showing great interest in the African continent that is quite prominently covered in the plans of the giant American energy and food companies that are seeking raw material, among other American companies seeking to control this continent and its massive untapped markets. This is due to the fact that most of the African countries are still living in primitive stages of capitalist economy. In Sudan on the other hand, the preparations for the referendum over the session of the oil-rich South is accompanied by the preparations to open an Israeli embassy in the new state and by pressures in which the Americans are using the international criminal court to blackmail the Sudanese president and get important privileges in the oil and uranium mines from the government of the Northern part which Al-Bashir announced will be governed by the Islamic Shariaa.
In the meantime, the pursuit of the Chinese influence seems to be a difficult mission due to its deep infiltration and the size of the Chinese Diaspora estimated at around five million businessmen, experts and corporate representatives. For over twenty years, the latter were able to infiltrate the heart of the African communities and become part of them. In parallel to the Israeli American alliance in Africa and its targeting of the Chinese economic, political and military influence, the Americans and the Israelis are both trying to pursue the Iranian influence that has achieved major progress in West African countries through important oil and commercial partnership.

The Arab file


This week, the American administration tried to give the impression that the Palestinian authority had approved the principle of parallel negotiations with Israel, a thing that was denied by more than one Palestinian official. In this respect, member of Fatah’s Central Committee and the head of the movement’s parliamentary bloc at the Legislative Council, Azzam al-Ahmad, told Al-Hayat that these reports were false, assuring that the leaders of the movement were asked by the Americans to hold a meeting. However, the latter leaders responded by saying that if the meeting is related to bilateral relations, they had no problem attending it, but that if it is related to the resumption of the negotiations, they had nothing more to add at this level.
In regard to the dispute which has now become public between President Mahmud Abbas and the former chief of preemptive security in Gaza, Mohammad Dahlan, against the backdrop of his insults to the president in his private gatherings, Abbas ordered the formation of a committee to investigate Dahlan and his surrounding among the officials close to him in preparation for his possible ousting from all his positions.
The gap between the Palestinian authority and Hamas has recently widened in light of the documents revealed by Wikileaks, saying that after Hamas gained control over Gaza high officials in Fatah asked Israel to carry out a military operation against the Strip in order to end Hamas’ rule. Hamas officials for their part described these revelations as being highly dangerous, while Fatah naturally denied them altogether.


Iraqi parliament gives vote of confidence to government and Maliki keeps interior, defense and security ministries.
Al-Quds al-Arabi: the Iraqi parliament gave the vote of confidence to the new government which has long been awaited, while prime minister designate Nouri al-Maliki kept the three security portfolios, i.e. the interior, defense and national security ministries. Parliament voted on the governmental program before voting in favor of the names of twenty nine ministers, in addition to the name of the prime minister and three of his deputies. Regarding the postponement of the announcement of the names of the candidates for the remaining nine ministries, Al-Maliki said: “This was not done in intentionally or willingly. I postponed the announcement for two reasons. The first reason is that I have asked all the blocs to nominate women but only one was nominated. Therefore, I am forced to postpone the announcement of the final formation until we have women candidates. Secondly, I postponed the announcement of the candidates to certain ministries because I am responsible for choosing the best and the most competent. Unfortunately, the delivery of the candidate’s resumes were delayed, some of which were even delivered today.”


Cairo announces uncovering of Mossad agents targeting telecom sector in Lebanon and Syria.
The Egyptian investigations in the case of the Israeli espionage network revealed that the Mossad used an Egyptian citizen to recruit Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese telecom experts and company owners, and carry out intelligence missions in Syria. They also mentioned that during these missions meetings were held with Mossad agents in Syria.
Egyptian prosecutor Abd al-Majid Mahmud decided yesterday to transfer the Egyptian citizen and the two Israeli officers to the State Security Supreme Court as an urgent case, on charges of attempting to recruit agents to spy for Israel.


Al-Bahsir: Islam will be the source of legislation if the South were to secede.
The Qatari al-Arab daily: Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir announced that the Islamic Shariaa will become ‘the main source’ of the Sudanese constitution, if ‘the southerners were to choose session’ in the January 9 referendum. He said in a speech: “If the South chooses to secede, the constitution of Sudan will be amended, at which point there will be no talk about racial or cultural plurality and Islam and the Shariaa will be the main source of legislation.” He also assured in his speech that was carried live on television: “The official language of the state will be the Arabic language.” The people of South Sudan will have to choose between staying in a unified Sudan or seceding, during a referendum which will be organized on January 9.

The Israeli file

The Israeli papers issued this week mentioned that the Israeli army deployed an armored division equipped with means to protect them from anti-shields missiles around the Gaza Strip, although the latter system is still suffering some problems. Indeed, the Israeli army announced the annulments of the test with live ammunition which was supposed to feature the launching of an anti-shield rocket on a Merkava 4 tank with two senior officers and the crew inside of it, in order to test the efficiency of the system.
On the internal level, the appointment of Major General Yohanan Danino as the new police commissioner prevailed over the main headlines, as this appointment is expected to generate major changes in the ranks of the police and lead to a wave of resignations by senior officers.
The Israeli papers also talked about the security situation on the border with the Gaza Strip, quoting chief of staff General Gabi Ashkenazi as saying that the situation might be frail and highly flammable, and that a brigade assigned to operate the Iron Dome system will be positioned on the border with the Gaza Strip.
For its part, Haaretz said that ten European countries intended to raise the level of their relations with the Palestinian authority, which was increasing the fears within the Israeli command. In this context the Foreign Ministry issued instructions to all its representation offices around the world to launch a campaign aiming at thwarting the attempts of the Palestinian authority to secure its recognition at the United Nations as a state in a unilateral way.

Lebanese affairs

The tribunal, the indictment, and the attempts to save the reputation.
The outcome of the confrontation shown by Hezbollah’s command toward the plan to target the Lebanese resistance through the notorious STL indictment whose details are now known by all the international media outlets, actually points to the fact that the credibility of the tribunal has been shaken as it has become the object of suspicions and political accusations.
Hezbollah’s command is determined to reject the introduction of the mechanisms of the tribunal whose references and goals were exposed. Therefore, it perceives the pre-indictment stage as being a political stage to ensure the ripening of a Lebanese understanding that will bring the case back to the Lebanese judicial authorities. This is due to the fact that following the issuance of the indictment, the content of Lebanese domestic concord will be much more difficult to bear by America’s allies. The only political breakthrough that could put an end to the vicious circle is the surfacing of a regional reality that will force the Americans to relinquish the policy of political pressures, at a time when some diplomatic circles believe that the United States will not be ready to cooperate before it is reassured about the future of its presence in Iraq following the formation of the new government, as a result of implicit American understandings with Iran and Syria.

Lebanese file

Kandil: I have confirmed information about the annulment of the international tribunal and no indictment will be issued
Former deputy Nasser Kandil believed that divergence existed between the Lebanese, pointing out: “This is natural in a country with multiple sects and inclinations,” stressing the necessity of managing this divergence without slipping towards strife.
In a televised statement, he considered: “Some in Lebanon are using threatening rhetoric which should have been directed toward Israel.” He added: “It is shameful for any Lebanese team to make harmful statements against Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and his status which is terrifying the world.” In regard to the international tribunal, he assured: “Everyone was devastated when the late Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri was assassinated, which is why the tribunal was approved at first in order to expose the criminals. However, the current position emerged due to the politicized work of the tribunal and the fact that it was turned into an American tool against Hezbollah.” He also considered: “The tribunal will disappear and no indictment will be issued. This is based on confirmed information,” pointing to the fact that the collapse of the accusation against the state of Syria annulled the need for an international tribunal.

British foreign minister: concerned about crisis or eruption of acts of violence in Lebanon next month
British Foreign Minister William Hague expressed his concern “in regard to the situation in Lebanon.” He said he was afraid of seeing a “crisis or the eruption of acts of violence in Lebanon next month.” On the other hand, Hague renewed his country’s support of the STL that is assigned to try the killers of Rafik al-Hariri. In an interview with the British Sky News Network, he assured: “It is extremely important that the tribunal proceeds with its work,” pointing to “the increase of the British financial contribution in funding this tribunal just like the United States has done, in order to confirm that this tribunal must move forward and that justice must take its course so that the people can trust their country’s future.”

Erdogan warns against politicization of STL
Turkish Prime Minster Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed the necessity for the STL not be politicized, confirming his country’s support of the Syrian-Saudi initiative which aims at resolving the current crisis in Lebanon.
In an interview with the Syrian News Agency SANA and carried by the papers issued in Damascus on Monday, the Turkish prime minister stated: “Lebanon’s stability is very important for the region. Turkey supports Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty and gives great attention to stability in it. Consequently, it is supporting the national concord government headed by Saad al-Hariri.”
Regarding the peace course in the Middle East, Erdogan considered that the failure of the American efforts to convince Israel to extend its previous decision regarding the freezing of the settlement activities was “a source of great concern for Turkey.”
Erdogan then considered that “the Syrian track for peace and reaching a final solution are extremely important to secure peace in the region,” stressing Syria’s “insistence on returning to the negotiations via the Turkish mediator.”

Khamenei receives Prince of Qatar: any decision issued by the tribunal will be considered null
Supreme Guide of the Iranian Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that any decision issued by the STL will be null. Journalistic reports and information had mentioned that the tribunal will soon issue its indictment that will accuse elements from Hezbollah.
During his reception of the Prince of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Ben Khalifa al-Thani, the Guide said: “This tribunal is receiving orders from other sides and any sentences issued by it will be considered null.” He continued: “I hope that all the influential sides in Lebanon will act reasonably and wisely so that the issue does not become a problem.”
It is worth noting that in statements to the Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat daily, a prominent Syrian official perceived Khamenei’s statements as being positive, saying in this regard that he was calling on all the parties to deal calmly and reasonably with the situation at hand to avoid the eruption of clashes. The source continued that the Syrian position toward these statements was clear and was reiterated by President Bashar al-Assad on more than one occasion, as he stressed that no indictment will be accepted unless it is based on irrefutable evidence.

Israeli maneuver simulates fall of chemical missile launched by Hezbollah on Haifa
The website of the Israeli army mentioned yesterday that units affiliated with the domestic front recently staged a maneuver simulating the fall of chemical missiles launched by Hezbollah on the city of Haifa and affecting hundreds of Israelis. The website explained: “The maneuver aimed at checking the readiness of the hospitals, the security forces and the relief apparatuses to deal with cases of emergency and with any chemical attack against Haifa and it surroundings.”

News analysis
The inventions of the Future Movement intellectuals in the face of Hezbollah.
The language of sectarian and denominational instigation which have been prevailing over the speeches of the March 14 forces during the last few weeks were not the only ones that seized attention and raised wide debates and objections. Indeed, some pro-march 14 analysts tackled the superficiality of the contributions of some claiming to enjoy wide culture and trying to act smart, thus reaching conclusions or slogans serving the rhetoric of instigation in a way that is more obvious and bitter than the content of the speech of Abu al-Abed Kabbara that was the worst and most provocative call for strife.
Hezbollah does not have a political project outside the context of the Taif accord as it is revealed by all the literature and the political and practical positions adopted by the party, especially during the last few years. This is true although the party which was accused by the ‘intellectual’ Alloush of exercising ideological terrorism on the others, is seeking the language of dialogue and discussion in regard to all the issues of dispute and is resorting to the institutions of the sectarian Lebanese regime. And since the party is a national resistance and liberation movement in the face of the Israeli enemy, this gives it an advantage over all the Lebanese political sides, including the Future Movement to which Mr. Alloush belongs. It is worth mentioning that the latter movement’s contribution in the glory of participating in the resistance is limited to political role played by the late Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri since 1992, under the ceiling of the Syrian sponsorship of the resistance and steadfastness option. As for the history of the movement in the post-Hariri Sr. stage at the level of the conflict with Israel, it is testified for by the July war and the strategic accomplishments of Al-Sanyoura. Resorting to such means is the natural result of the inability to express any logical reaction in the discussion with the opposition over the false witnesses file or the politicization of the investigation and the tribunal.

The American file

The American papers issued this week carried the pledge made by the leaders of the Republican Party in the Senate to vote against Obama’s decision in regard to the reduction of the taxes, as well as the completion of the training with live ammunition in South Korea. The New York Times for its part was the only one that talked about Mahmud Abbas’ hosting of sixty Israeli politicians for two hours.

American Israeli coordination over the settlements
American diplomatic cables carried by the Wikileaks website revealed a secret agreement between the United States and Israel over the continuous expansion of the settlements, adding that the Palestinian national authority collaborated with the occupation against Hamas.
In a secret diplomatic cable carried by the aforementioned website, there was talk about a secret agreement between Tel Aviv and Washington over the continuation of the so called “natural growth” in the settlements. The cable that was issued by the American embassy in Paris added that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak informed French officials about the existence of such an agreement which went against the announced demands made by the American administration to Israel to freeze the settlement activities.

The British file

The Guardian newspaper said that one of the Wikileaks documents issued by the American embassy in Sana’a pointed out that a prominent official in the Yemeni government warned American diplomats against decreasing the protection of the only warehouse containing radioactive material in Yemen, saying that this could allow this dangerous material to fall in the hands of terrorists.
Another document tackled the nuclear issue, saying that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak rejected an offer to purchase nuclear weapons from the black market. The Guardian said that following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Egypt was offered the purchase of nuclear weapons, substances and manufacturing expertise from nuclear scientists on the black market. However, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak turned down that offer. According to an American cable sent in May of last year, the source of this information is the Egyptian permanent representative at the UN Majed Abd al-Aziz who revealed it to Rose Gottemoeller, the American envoy in the anti-nuclear armament talks. The American cable added that this appeared to be “an attempt undertaken by Abd al-Aziz to depict Egypt as being a reasonable member of the international community.”

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