With Tony Blair, my paid adviser
With King Juan Carlos of Spain
This is Silvio Berlusconi ... we were truly inseparable ! We even pulled some fast ones on Sarko !
With José Manuel Barroso, we were sworn friends!
With José María Aznar, always a bit reserved!
At the 2009 G-8 summit in Italy
With Romano Prodi, when he was president of the European Commission
With Pascal Lamy, just before his appointment as Director-General of the World Trade Organization
Giving a press conference at the headquarters of the European Union
Nicolas Sarkozy. After all I did for him, he plotted to overthrow me. I can’t figure out why he has it in for me ... is it the Rafale warplanes, the nuclear plants, the Union for the Mediterranean, or could it be his wife Cecilia?
With Barack Hussein Obama, the new kid on the block!