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Gaddafi’s photo album: a festival of hypocrisy!

What hypocrites! They now pretend they never even met me. After all we shared together .... they’re bombing my country!

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With Tony Blair, my paid adviser
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With King Juan Carlos of Spain
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This is Silvio Berlusconi ... we were truly inseparable ! We even pulled some fast ones on Sarko !
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With José Manuel Barroso, we were sworn friends!
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With José María Aznar, always a bit reserved!
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At the 2009 G-8 summit in Italy
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With Romano Prodi, when he was president of the European Commission
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With Pascal Lamy, just before his appointment as Director-General of the World Trade Organization
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Giving a press conference at the headquarters of the European Union
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Nicolas Sarkozy. After all I did for him, he plotted to overthrow me. I can’t figure out why he has it in for me ... is it the Rafale warplanes, the nuclear plants, the Union for the Mediterranean, or could it be his wife Cecilia?
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With Barack Hussein Obama, the new kid on the block!
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