• The Washington Times discloses that, according to Mohammed Farouk Tayfour, leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, the Supreme Guide of the Iranian Revolution Ali Khamenei had sent three emissaries in October to negotiate with the Brotherhood in Istanbul. Three meetings supposedly took place in the presence of a Turkish broker independent from the government. Iran would have volunteered to persuade President al-Assad to share power and to offer four key ministerial portfolios in exchange for their support. The Brotherhood refused.

• The Jerusalem Post reports that the President of Liberal International, Hans van Baalen, met at length with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to convince him to establish ties with the Syrian rebels.

• The Philippines newspapers headline the press conference of Foreign Minister, Albert del Rosario. Despite his Ministry’s best efforts, the 17,000 Filipino workers who have emigrated to Syria refuse to go back home. The minister mentioned the attractiveness of jobs abroad, notwithstanding the security situation.

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