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Death of Jacques Vergès


Master Jacques Vergès died on the 15th of August 2013, in Paris, at a friend’s house on the Quai Voltaire, in the room where had also died the Enlightenment philosopher.

Anti-colonialist lawyer, he fought for the independence of Algeria. He then met Mao Zedong and became Maoïste. He disappeared from 1970 to 1978 and resurfaced as an adventurer.

He would often meet with Thierry Meyssan in Beyrouth, on the side of the Georges Abdallah trial, of which he was one of the lawyers. Both men befriended each other briefly. But they met again in 2011, in Tripoli (Libya) where he took responsibility, with one of his fellow lawyers, of the retrieval of the Jamahiriya family’s possesions, illegally blocked by France. He asked of Kadhafi to be payed by commission and to receive 6 millioin dollars as a deposit. Both lawyers then took the money and left with no further work. Thierry Meyssan, who was at the time the Volunteer Coordinator of the Temporary Technical Committee of the Jamahiriya family, intervened in order to remove them from the delegation and replace them with a more scrupulous lawyer.

The Voltaire Network presents it’s condolences to his family and friends.

Jacques Vergès did not abuse of Libya (Erratum)”, Translation Alizée Ville, Voltaire Network, 26 August 2013.

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