Syrian refugees in Lebanon had the opportunity to cast their ballots in the Syrian presidential elections as early as Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 May 2014 at their country’s Embassy in Beirut.

Western media report that Syrian refugees are in Lebanon to escape from the Alawite dictatorship, painting the presidential election as nothing more than a farce.

However, according to Lebanese General Security sources, more than 100,000 Syrian expatriates flocked to their embassy on 28 May to vote, causing a massive traffic jam throughout the capital. As the Lebanese police (ISP) was trying to hold back the human wave, clashes broke out with Syrian voters in various places. The crowd was brandishing portraits of Assad and chanted "With blood and soul we sacrifice for you, O Bashar!" or "Only God, Syria and Bashar!." Unable to cope with the situation, the Syrian embassy had to set up makeshift polling polling stations.

The Future Movement, founded and led by Saad Hariri (an ally of Saudi Arabia and France) cried out against the "provocative spectacle" supposedly organized by Hezbollah and the SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party). "If the Syrians are not afraid of Bashar al-Assad, let them go back to him," said the FM spokesman.

The vast majority of Syrian voters no longer believe in the western myth of the "Arab Spring." As they see it, their homeland was attacked by 250,000 foreign mercenaries sponsored by NATO and the GCC. Bashar al-Assad has saved the country from foreign aggression, as Charles De Gaulle did once for France. They explain that they fled their country, not because of the bombing by the Syrian Arab army, but because of they suffered from the crimes at the hands of jihadists backed by NATO and the GCC.