The World Food Program announced that, due to a funding shortfall, it was forced to reduce food rations for Syrian refugees.

WFP has decided to maintain its food assistance to refugees located in neighboring countries, but will reduce it to 825 calories a day (that is to say less than half the recommended intake) for the 4.1 million internally displaced persons.

Since the beginning of the crisis, it can be easily observed that the Syrians displaced within the country have fled the jihadists to seek refuge under the protection of the Syrian Arab Republic. There is no population movement in the opposite direction, i.e. from government areas to the "liberated zones" (sic). The opponents of the Syrian government can therefore only be found among the refugees outside of Syria.

The decision of the World Food Programme will have the effect of punishing the Syrians who support the Republic.

It would take another $ 100 million to cope with the humanitarian disaster.

Washington is poised to contribute $ 500 million to arm and train jihadists to overthrow the Syrian Arab Republic.