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US Media Hiding ISIS Czar Allen’s Putsch

Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire Network Exposes Turkish President Erdogan as the Kingpin of ISIS; Erdogan’s Son and Daughter Serve as Integral Parts of Caliphate’s Rear Echelon; Varoufakis Reveals Preparations Approved by Tsipras for Parallel Payment System Ready to Switch to Drachmas, While Galbraith Talks Clearing and Settlement – but Was There a Complete Plan B? – Trump Trying to Rehabilitate Petraeus; Paulbearer Faction Collapsing Due to Rand Paul’s Lying and Warmongering vs Iran Nuclear Accord, Refusal to Fight Bankers, Support for Militaristic Budgets, Bad Investment Advice—Is This the End for Austrian School in America?

| Washington D. C. (États-Unis)
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Donald Trump

Trump is now talking about the Hillary Clinton email scandal in many of his interviews. Trump usually suggests that Hillary may not be able to continue her quest for the presidency because she illegally stored classified materials on her private server. Trump says this is “criminal.” He also suggests that Petraeus, whose “life is in ruins,” has been unfairly singled out for selective and vindictive prosecution, since his infraction was far less grave and the penalty much greater. It is clear that Trump is trying to rehabilitate Petraeus. What is the relation among Trump, Petraeus, ISIS Czar Allen, and Petraeus angel and billionaire Henry Kravis of Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts? Is The Donald a puppet of the Petraeus clique? Would he name Petraeus as his running mate, Secretary of State, or NSC Director? Is Trump a stalking horse for Petraeus who will drop out when the time is right? These are the real questions for the upcoming television debate among the reactionary and fascist Republican candidates.

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