The new UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has proceeded to appoint his team.

Jeffrey Feltman, the Director of Political Affairs, has been given a one-year extension to his post. During Ban Ki-moon’s term, he was the highest diplomatic official in the world.

Mr Feltman represents the interests of the US “Deep Government”.
A career diplomat, he served in Israel first, then on behalf of the Interim Authority of the Coalition in Iraq (a private organization that did not depend on the Coalition but brought together members of the US “government of continuity”). As ambassador to Lebanon, he organized the assassination of the former Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri, the UN Commission of Enquiry and the Special Tribunal to try President Emile Lahoud and President Bashar el-Assad. Following this, he became the assistant to Hillary Clinton in the State Department. He then made his entrée as number 2 to the UN. He is the author of a plan (technically drafted by the German Volker Perthes) for the total and unconditional destruction of Syria.

Anoosha Boralessa