Two judicial inquiries have been initiated probing into the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and another one initiated into his wife’s, Sara’s, affairs.

These investigations came after his predecessor, Ehud Barak, launched an appeal to use the courts to bring Netanyahu down so that the country would be protected from apartheid that is in the process of being blessed by the law [1].

However, the more investigators that encircle the Prime Minister, the more popular he becomes. In one matter now underway, almost all his close friends have been inculpated, including his chief of staff and his lawyer. While Justice has not succeeded in inculpating Benjamin Netanyahu, she certainly has flagged up the issue of finding out how he could be surrounded by so many bad eggs.

Paradoxically, the more these inquiries call into question his honesty, the more popular he becomes. The people that voted for him describe him as a dangerous person, but it is for this very reason that they support him. The majority of Israelis do not share his dream of a Great Israel; all they want is a peaceful life. They consider the pursuit of this happiness to be threatened by the Arabs and see this Prime Minister as the only man capable of protecting them from a new Shoah. Playing skilfully on the fantasies derived from talmudism, Benjamin Netanyahu is in the process of transforming his country into a ghetto completely encased within a Wall; a plan that would cost more than one billion dollars.

It appears that despite the pieces of information that have accumulated against him, the Prime Minister will not resign. He will only be able to be stopped by a judicial sentence. In a country that has thrown in prison a former president (Moshe Katsav) and a former Prime Minister (Ehud Olmert), this is not off the table

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Ehud Barak accuses the Netanyahu government of establishing apartheid”, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Voltaire Network, 18 June 2016.