“Eastern Ghouta was sheltering « 400 000 moderate rebels»”. This is what the press and Western governments asserted.

However, the military operation of the Syrian forces undertaken with the support of Russian military units, in the context of the cessation of hostilities with the Syrian Rebels (Resolution 2401), produces a completely different result.

As of Saturday 24 March, 94 % of the territory is freed and it seems hardly probable that huge throngs of persons will emerge from the ruins. Thus the
stats are as follows:
 105 000 Syrians faithful to the Syrian Arab Republic have been liberated from the yoke of the jihadists;
 another 7 000 persons, probably foreign jihadists and their families have been evacuated under escorted to Idleb. Around 1,500 were hoplites.

This produces, on Saturday 24 March, a total 113 000 persons. This is a figure far smaller than the 400 000, which is the figure that the NATO member states gave to the UN Security Council.

Not one of them presented themselves as a “moderate rebel”; nor has anyone requested protection from Russia.

Freed Syrians testify that that the jihadists had enslaved boys that were able to build fortifications and dig tunnels. They also denounced the atrocious living conditions that they had been submitted to.

The jihadists had been trained and received instructions from regular soldiers from Britain and France. These were not arrested; they were evacuated separately in a “humanitarian” convoy organized for them by the UN.

The same type of observation was made in Aleppo in December 2016.
Syria never imploded in civil war. Instead it was made to explode. This was through an attack emanating from outside Syria; an attack that had been planned and sponsored by the West [1].

Anoosha Boralessa

[1Aggression disguised as civil wars”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 27 February 2018.