Qatar has assumed responsibility — with the consent of Tel Aviv – of funding Gaza’s officials. The amount that Qatar will hand out will be as much as 15 million dollar per month. This announcement was made a little time before an announcement was made about an Israel – Cyprus – Greece – Italy gas pipeline that will pass across the waters belonging to Palestine. Hamas, without any badge of legitimacy, is governing the Gaza Strip. It is voicing no opposition to this announcement. Qatar had blessed the gas agreement between Israel and the European Union. At the same time, Qatar has assumed responsibility for the fuel of the people of Gaza, which is worth as much as 60 million dollars.

However, again at the same time, Saudi Arabia has paid 60 million dollars to the Palestinian Authority which in theory is managing the entire Palestine Territories, but in practice is managing Cisjordan alone. This payment has been presented as a donation that should have been made in 2017.

These strange payments seem to form part of the implementation of the US Deal of the Century, even before the latter has been made public. The international community has hailed these donations as humanitarian acts that favour the people of Gaza. Yet if these gifts had been announced in the context of the “Deal of the Century”, they would have been unanimously denounced as an odious attempt to buy peace.

The White House had announced that the Deal of the Century would be revealed in September 2018. This date has been pushed back without any explanations to February 2019.

Anoosha Boralessa