Arkan Taha Ahmad was arrested by Interpol in Bolu (Turkey). This ISIL officer orchestrated the Camp Speicher massacre in Tikrit, Iraq.

As the Islamic State was gaining ground in 2014, the jihadists slaughtered all the “infidels” within the garrison after noting down the names and ranks of each one. The Iraqi Defense Ministry certified that 1,660 soldiers had gone missing, and that only 470 bodies were recovered.

As for the ISIL, it boasted about having executed 1,700 soldiers labelled as Shiites out of the 2,500 soldiers present in the garrison. It staged this crime, documenting it with numerous photographs. It was the first time in history that a massive crime was being openly exploited as a propaganda weapon.

Meanwhile, Turkey had opened ISIL recruitment offices in the Laleli and Talimhane neighborhoods of Istanbul, which were later transformed into rehabilitation centers for the jihadists. Currently, several of the biggest criminals against Humanity are harbored there under the protection of the Turkish secret service, awaiting new assignments.

Turkey is a member of NATO.