Czech Intelligence Services chief Colonel Michal Koudelka gave a press conference to caution against the new stratagems of the Russian secret services.

While noting that the expulsion of Russian diplomats and the travel ban on Russian businessmen depletes the Russian secret services of their staff, Colonel Koudelka anticipates possible Russian disinformation campaigns in the Czech Republic and more generally in the West.

He also described the 250,000 Ukrainian refugees in his country as amenable, overlooking reports that many of them showed up at Banderite-run camps and events. Finally, he floated the idea that Russian spies might be in their midst.

Close to MI6 and the CIA, Colonel Koudelka [1] had tried to overthrow Czech President Miloš Zeman, by implicating him in a case that would have painted him as a Russian agent. Then he retrospectively accused the Kremlin of having organized the two explosions at the Vrbetice arms depots in 2014, enlisting the same agents that were used in the 2018 Skripal poisoning in London.

[1Czechia: back on track against Russia”, Voltaire Network, 12 February 2022.