The United States regards Yushchenko as a strategic partner. He became their favorite candidate two years before the elections. His second visit confirmed his absolute loyalty to Washington whose instructions he is willing to follow. The United States continue with its policy of consolidation of geopolitical pluralism. They are afraid of Russia reestablishing itself as a big power and as an anti-western power. According to them, an important step to avoid that is obstructing a rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine. They are not interested in a serious conflict between our two countries but only in creating tensions. The main reasons of the United States promoting Ukraine’s joining NATO are the need to send Ukrainian soldiers to the “red-hot” points and, also, to have Ukraine buy US armament. They also need Ukraine to strengthen their control within NATO; Ukraine will be a vassal of the United States. With such partners, the United States will be able to obstruct the Europeans’ independence wishes regarding armament and foreign policy. Having Ukraine as a NATO member is a US-Polish plan to contain France and Germany.
I think US investments in Ukraine will increase although they will not be very important due to the significant number of the Ukrainian-Polish Diaspora and their indulgency towards Yushchenko. The economic ambiance is not very good, corruption is big, the judicial system does not work well and it is going to be used to fight the political opposition.
Yushchenko’s wishes to turn Ukraine into a “regional leader” and to be a geopolitical alternative to Russia depend on that financial support. Many European or US politicians want to use Ukraine to expand their geopolitical influence.
The visit of the president to the United States was a reward for a credit granted to the “orange revolution”. How is it going to pay for the rest? It is hard to say. There are two tendencies in the Ukrainian policy: a pragmatic policy and a patriotic one to which we can add the willingness to preserve power at all costs. One of these two tendencies will prevail.

Gazeta SNG (Russia)
Gazeta SNG is an online news daily in Russian language.

Поддержка антироссийского украинского руководства - стратегическая политика США”, by Serguei Markov, Gazeta SNG, April 14, 2005.