The States with nuclear weapons continue to lean on them since they have not developed any other means of prevention. To expedite the removal of all nuclear weapons, an alternative collective security system must be created. An alternative must also be found for the States that have placed themselves under the nuclear umbrella of other powers.
In an era of globalization and interdependence, alliances can only offer short-term solutions. Security can only be collective. The only way to develop security is through dialogue. This is a long and difficult process but it’s our only option. Today we have the possibility of placing our problems on the table and there is no time to waste. If we don’t start working right now on its materialization, we shall have the same Non Proliferation Treaty until 2010.
We shall not be able to settle everything now but here is our chance to set the plan in motion.

The Independent (U.K.)

« ’Multilateral dialogue is frustrating, slow, and the only option’ », by Mohamed Elbaradei, The Independent, May 4, 2005. Text adapted from portions of the speech delivered by the author at the UN during the opening of the Conference for the Revision of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.