Amnesty International recently condemned the “war crimes in Iraq and the evidence of torture and ill-treatment in American prisons.” Amnesty said that considering the U.S. power in the world such actions were a global threat to right and security. George W. Bush rejected these accusations by stating they had been made by detainees who hated the United States. In fact, the very same declassified documents in this country confirmed the accusations made by Amnesty.
On March 16, the New York Times revealed that 26 people had died in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan. The next day, Porter Goss told the Congress he could not assure interrogation techniques used by the CIA were permissible under federal law that prohibits torture. On March 26, the New York Times revealed that 17 soldiers, whose incarceration had been requested by military investigators, were still free. There is no sanction against the abuses and its perpetrators are not being held accountable for them.
It was in this context that the Koran issue appeared after the publication of an article by Newsweek. However, this is a story that began in 2002 though no reactions were provoked because apparently, neither the Bush administration nor the American people want to know. Dick Cheney claims he is shocked by the Amnesty report but it was him who said that all means, without exception, were going to be used to fight the terrorists. The policy of the Bush Administration is, above all, inflaming hatred.

Gulf News
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US denial of Amnesty report is absurd”, by Adel Safty, Gulf News, June 20, 2005.