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«Current Concerns», n°2, January 23, 2019
Interpreting History
320. Interpreting History Zurich (Switzerland) | 29 January 2019
War and peace. The tasks of the historical sciences, by Wolfgang van Biezen / 1244 – A Key to Peace in Europe. Defending Serbia’s right to the province of Kosovo and Metohija, by Marina Colic / The yellow vests movement or the unhealed wound of the 2005 referendum, by Arnaud Benedetti / Lessons for democracy when looking at France, by Karl Müller / Legalising Cannabis – who will profit from it?, by Jürg Barben / Free-for-all in the cannabis industry?, by Werner Wüthrich / Reflections on the popular initiative “Stop urban sprawl – for sustainable urban development (urban sprawl initiative)”, by Marianne Wüthrich / Education in the service of peace. To the book by Sara Randell “Ending the War — Operation Sunrise and Max Husmann”, by Winfried Pogorzelski / Cooperative Medical Centre Town of Tengen founded, by Jörg (...)