September 11, 2001 appalling images are etched on the whole world’s memory and during this time for commemorations, Americans recall the fraternity between them and France specially on this occasion characterized by Le Monde’s unforgettable headline: "We All Are Americans”. Again, after hurricane Katrina’s path, Americans have France by their side. As in September 2001, France has responded quickly giving its help, proving us Americans that we can always count on our French friends at any time. The State Department and the Foreign Ministry of France are working together on the flow of private and company donations.
Additionally to the worldwide anniversary commemoration of the 9/11 tragedy, we’ll also remember and pray for all the victims of terrorist attacks. If nations can come together against natural disasters, they can also be united to fight terrorism. The fight against terrorism is a top priority; and very soon after 9/11 France took part together with the U.S. in a military mission in Afghanistan against the responsible for the attacks. Our governments continue to work very closely to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens.

Le Monde (France)

From 9/11 to Katrina”, by Craig Roberts Stapleton, Le Monde, September 11, 2005.