Le Point, information weekly magazine for the moderate French right wing, released a report on “Islamism” on its edition of October 20, 2005. By calling the readers to face “those who hate us”, the aforesaid magazine invites from the beginning to draw conclusions on issues pertaining to “security” and “civilizations” of a religion “incompatible (…) with values, ways of living and Western political systems”.

The magazine, which did not hesitate to talk about the phenomenon of “dissemination of Islamism” with a France “land of jihad”, went deep into areas that are beyond the simple diatribe against a form of extremism and strive to encourage confusion between Islam and Islamism through symbols, images and distorted quotations.

Not happy about spreading the “clash of civilizations” ideology, Claude Imbert’s weekly magazine, which in 2003 declared with impunity the right to be Islamophobist, also embarked upon discrediting the “lunatic of Allah” who practiced a religion “insane and archaic” according to the statements of the author himself, who tried especially to discredit all forms of resistance to American imperialism.

Following the line of the anti-Semitic posters of the 30’s that distorted the image of “the” Jewish, the weekly magazine has decided to encourage racial and religious hatred, and has greatly illustrated this issue to the public in several advertisements in transportation means and press stands.

“The Islamists and ourselves”
The report of Le Point begins with this photo and is entitled: “The Islamic and ourselves”. Almost subliminally, readers are invited to relate to “ourselves”, that is the American soldier of the photo.