Throughout the history of the Iraqi patriotic movement, the main criterion was to confront the hegemony of foreign powers. Similarly, it has been observed that the nationalization of Iraqi oil has been economically successful and there is no justification for its ownership not to be rendered to the State. In these conditions, no government in Iraq can survive if it intends to put Iraq’s oil in the hands of foreign parties. In order to achieve this goal at whatever price, the US plans to abolish the concept of citizenship in Iraq and divide the country into different religious or ethnic groups.
The Iraqi society, against the corrupt politicians and military commanders, rejects the US policy in Iraq. The more the US attacks the Iraqi nation, the more hostile will be the Iraqi society. That explains the failure of the occupation forces. The Iraqis cling to their Arab-Muslim roots. As long as the US fails to recognize the people’s sovereignty and the principle of solidarity in the management of the economy and the Iraqi social system, it will not be legitimate.
We reject the US model of neo-liberal globalization and imperialism. We are not alone. Such opposition is worldwide.

Al-Ahram (Egypt)

Why the US will lose”, by Abdul-Ilah Al-Bayaty, Al Ahram, November 9, 2005.