As seen in the photos, Michelle Bachelet looks like what she really is: a paediatrician with a confident and frank smile, to whom any mother would entrust the health of her children and to whom Chile has been entrusted today.
The day of the coup d’état against Salvador Allende, on September 11, 1973, Michelle Bachelet’s father, Air Force General, Alberto Bachelet, was captured by his own colleagues from the armed forces and died in jail as a result of tortures. Michelle Bachelet and her mother were also arrested and tortured before they were allowed to live in exile.
When she held the post of Minister of Defence and had her first meeting with the chiefs of staff, she said: “I am socialist, agnostic, single and a woman … but we work together”. Michelle Bachelet has not reminded who her father was and has left in the hands of the court to take care of the past. However, she has indeed reminded that a woman is the one who holds that post, a single woman, which offends the Chilean male chauvinism. Similarly, she has reminded that she is socialist and agnostic. But they were able to understand each other and the minister made that the investigations about the assassinations committed by the army were conducted by gaining access to the archives of the armed forces.

El Tiempo (Colombia)

En manos de una mujer˝, by Sergio Ramírez, El Tiempo, January 17, 2005.