In 2008 185 nations voted against Washington’s blockade, while three
were in favor, including the USA.

Whoever wants to access the truth can do so. This year, Cuba has once
again substantiated at the UN General Assembly the socioeconomic, moral
and ethical reasons compelling the country to insist on the lifting of
the blockade.

Cuba has explained that the direct effects of this measure have
caused losses of over 96 billion dollars (236,221 billion considering
the current price of the US currency) to the island’s economy.

These cold figures translate into many lives lost and large amounts
of material resources the island has been prevented from buying.

In this regard, this criminal war also damages the very same US
people, because it denies them the right to trade, benefit from Cuban
products and services at low prices, enjoy therapeutic services
exclusive to Cuba, and spend a healthy vacation in one of the warmest,
most peaceful and quiet countries in the world.

It is widely known that this anti-Cuban policy also supports
the “industry” of counterrevolution, which the blockade is part of, and
by way of which privileges are paid to representatives of the Miami-
based pro-annexation mafia, using substantial funds from US taxpayers.

Obama lifted some of the most unpopular restrictions on Cubans living
in the US, ordered by his predecessor, George W Bush, related to trips
to Cuba and the sending of remittances to relatives. But the travel ban
on Cubans living in the US who don’t have relatives on the island is
still in force.

Nothing has been done to re-establish the constitutional rights for
US citizens to travel to Cuba freely.

Nowadays, the real structure of the blockade remains intact,
including its illegal extra-territoriality, which prevents subsidiaries
from US companies in other nations to have commercial bonds with the
Caribbean island under the threat of heavy sanctions. Between January
and September 2009, 23 companies or individuals have been fined.

Detailed information of these facts is found on the report presented
by Cuba to the United Nations on this issue, as well as the full names
of the children who are waiting for complex heart surgeries that can’t
be performed because Cuba is prevented from purchasing the products that
are essential for this humanitarian work.

These are only some of the reasons explaining why the US should end
this economic war against the small Caribbean nation. The actions of
solidarity of the peoples that admire Cuba’s resistance and the growing
support of those opened to the truth, are still key factors to elucidate
this dilemma between right and evil.

Cuban Agency News
La Agencia Cubana de Noticias (ACN) es una división de la Agencia de Información Nacional (AIN) de Cuba fundada el 21 de mayo de 1974.