According to ActionAid, the European Union decision to raise its consumption of bio-fuels to 10% by 2020 is already producing catastrophic effects in Africa (open link to PDF report below).

International Monetary Fund sources indicate that, in 2008, bio-fuel production - of which the United States was the main recipient at the time - had triggered a 20-30% spike in food prices.

Bio-fuel consumption serves the two-fold purpose of diversifying energy supplies and of responding to the pressure of the green parties.

The expansion of land required to attain the bio-fuel production target set by the European Union amounts to a surface of 17,5 million hectares, roughly one third of the territory of France. As many hectares which will be detracted for the farming needs of the poor populations.

In the event that either the United States or the European Union push ahead with their policy, the increase in food prices might skyrocket by as much as 76% by 2020.

600 million people will be exposed to famine.

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