Dear friends,

If you are among our great number of regular visitors, it is probably due to the quality of the analysis that you find in Voltaire Network and which helps you to forge a better understanding of our contemporary world.

To be able to carry on with our work, we need you to participate in our efforts. This can be readily be done in the followig three ways:

 1. First and foremonst, we require funds to cover our maintenance costs.

Over the past three months, our website has received 3.6 million visits. On the other hand, the overall proceeds from contributions and online book sales amounted to less than 2 000 euros, which is proportionally ludicrous.

We realize that our donation system is not very gratifying. We had no choice but to render it completely anonymous, with the result that we don’t know who our contributors are and are not in a position to thank them. This procedure was implemented in order to shield our French donors following attempts by the French authorities to trace them.

Contrary to the malevolent rumours peddled by certain big media, we don’t have any funds stashed away and all our journalists work on a voluntary basis. This being said, there are two inescapable expenditures that we must meet regularly.

a) We have had to outsource the hosting, security and maintenance of our website. This is a very costly solution for a website of this scope, which in addition is the frequent object of very sophisticated hacking attacks.

b) More importantly, we have to pay for the documentation and access to data bases as a means to verify the information we publish. This is another very expensive tool, yet indispensable for the quality of our work. However, there is a way we can reduce such costs.

 2. To dispense with having to access journalistic databases, we have set out to compile our own database through complete PDF-format collections of political newspapers and magazines in different languages.

If you subscribe to a publication in PDF format and should happen to have past-year collections, kindly get in touch with us. As soon as we do a duplication check, we will let you know how to send the material.

 3. We also need professional-level volunteer translators to boost the teams working in Voltaire Network’s different language sections (English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and also German, Farsi and Turkish).
If you have the qualifications, time and inclination, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our contributing authors and translators do their best to provide you with independent and reliable information, dedicating a lot of their time and energy. Some have even made significant personal sacrifices. As for me, I had to take the road to exile in order to safeguard my independence and, to this day, I continue to protect myself against the henchmen of the French government. In such a tense environment, our associates need your encouragement and support.

Moreover, we are frequently requested to resume our political activities in Western Europe, particularly in France. However, a recent declaration by President Nicolas Sarkozy’s security adviser makes it quite plain that the Elysée will try everything to stop us.

In particular, we would like to organize video conferences and group discussions, but it won’t be possible to embark on such plans before consolidating and stabilizing the daily functioning of For this reason, and on behalf of our entire team, I appeal for your help.

Make a donation! Support our action.

With my thanks and personal best wishes,