September 11 – who was behind the events? In order to find out the reasons why the U.S. neoconservatives have succeeded in carrying out their plans and in moving toward their ambitious goals, it is necessary to understand the causes and motivations behind the events of 9/11.

On 9/11, American trade, military, and political centers collapsed as a result of explosions, with enormous smoke and dust. In this event, two passenger jets slammed into the World Trade Center, and another one hit the Pentagon. Also, another jet crashed – for unknown reasons – before it hit its target. According to the latest statistics, these operations resulted in over five thousand deaths and injuries. Immediately, a state of emergency was declared all over the U.S. The sky across America was declared a no-fly zone, and the U.S. army was put on high alert. Also, European countries were informally in a state of emergency, and their security forces stepped up espionage and intelligence operations.

The official programs of the mass media in Europe were disrupted, and crisis groups, as well as political and military pundits, held especial meetings in order to try to reduce the insecurity, which took hold of all the political apparatuses, and to control public unrest in the wake of this mass killing. A few hours after the operations, the then U.S. president called the above-mentioned events a national tragedy for America and stated that this is a war. It is a war on America, George Bush said, and added – this is an attack on a lifestyle, democracy, and the values of the modern world. Bush went on to say[that America had entered a war, a war between the evil and the good – and we will win this war, he alleged.

The events of 9/11 set the needed stage for carrying out the radical ideas of the American neoconservatives. In declaring war and bringing out its gigantic military machine, America referred to article five of the NATO Washington Treaty for the first time in fifty years and prepared itself to attack targets all over the world. This measure taken by America marked a new phase in international policy and order.

The first stage of this interaction was the attack on Afghanistan. Some researchers, by relying on lots of evidence, believe that America itself is the cause behind the events of 9/11. Lyndon LaRouche, a former American presidential candidate and one of the U.S.’s prominent analysts of political and economic issues, claimed in an interview that the events of 9/11 were planned and carried out by veteran American politicians, in order to canalize and redirect the administration of George W. Bush along a specific course. He said that 9/11 could [not have been] the job of an outside group or organization because, given the way the security system works, these events could have only been orchestrated by internal security groups and organizations. And at high levels of the security authorities, of course, there might have been cooperation with others, albeit in a limited way, but what is self-evident is the fact that these attacks were mainly controlled by high-ranking American security authorities and organizations.

They wanted to stage an effective coup against Bush. They didn’t intend to overthrow the government, but they wanted to move the Bush administration in the direction they wanted. In his book The Big Lie, written about 9/11, Thierry Meyssan, a French researcher, says: ’After the two World Trade Center towers collapsed in a way that no one predicted, complete official investigations into the incident as to how it happened were not conducted, but the official account confirmed the idea of two jets, as well as the identity of the accused, without substantiating their existence or their involvement in the incident. Immediately, there was an emphasis on demolishing the damaged buildings and collecting the debris, and whatever was left in this place was placed under the control of the F.B.I and was declared as part of national defense secrets.

The rapidity with which the debris was collected raised suspicion with the fire officials of the Fire Department of New York, because they didn’t find Washington officials convincing, and they were certain that the fuel of the two jets wasn’t sufficient to melt the iron skeleton of the two towers in such a short time. And practically and chemically, it is impossible, unless the two towers were made of cardboard. For this reason, officials of the fire department requested an inquiry in order to clarify the facts as to whether an explosion occurred at the bottom of the two towers or not. However, F.B.I authorities didn’t agree with this suggestion. There is another mystery here, since it is only through explosives that high rise buildings can be demolished, while in this case there isn’t any other evidence or picture to show what happened at the bottom of the two towers.’

In an interview with France TV, Meyssan discloses secrets which can only be grasped by experts in aerospace sciences. He says: ’Following a Q&A with the experts in this field, it became clear that it is impossible for passenger jets, such as the ones that crashed into World Trade Center, to carry out such precision targeting without having predetermined radars from within the two towers. This is exactly what happened two hours prior to the attack, which scrambled radios and TVs within the range of that area. Thus, without these radars, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve target precision, even if several jets had carried out this task simultaneously.

There are other aspects which cast doubt on the involvement of foreign agents in the explosions. With regard to the writings in Arabic that show how to learn flying and pilot airplanes, it should be noted that aircraft terminology has never been written in Arabic, but has always been completely in English. As for the attack on the Pentagon, the U.S. administration claimed that these operations were conducted by crashing a Boeing 757 into the first or second floor, while the aforementioned aircraft flew so low that it touched the grass surrounding the Pentagon. However, when asked about this, experts in war aircraft ascertained that such an act couldn’t be [accomplished] by non-military aircraft, such as a Boeing 757, because such aircraft aim at their targets vertically or fly low, but not close to the ground, and suddenly attack their target horizontally. And since the Pentagon isn’t very high, but with only two floors, it is impossible for a non-military jet to hit the Pentagon horizontally, because Boeing jets can’t fly so low; and even if such a thing is supposedly possible, it will damage the trees, electric posts, and other things around the area, which didn’t happen. Indeed, no sign or traces of this kind could be seen at the scene of the accident.

What draws more attention in this regard is the fact that no one had seen the skeleton of the aircraft in the scene of the accident, and there wasn’t the smallest picture of it, but just a black box, which it was said had been found on the scene of the accident, whereas in the first statements made by the officials, it was said that the attack was carried out by a helicopter. Furthermore, the place which was the target of the attack didn’t house any personnel or military staff, because buildings were under construction in this place, and the only victims were workers and people who happened to be there. This is surprising, because only one military person was killed, while they announced that many of the victims were Pentagon employees.

Another surprising thing is that there wasn’t any follow-up on the pilots or the perpetrators of the operations. Another point is that, when an aircraft is hijacked, its information is conveyed in a code to the control tower, and non-military aircrafts also use identification serial numbers which are sent to the control tower by transmitter disks, and, in fact, it is in this way that tracking of such aircrafts is made possible. Likewise, when an aircraft doesn’t send signals, it is assumed to be an aircraft of the enemy, and warning signals are sent to it. In the case of the two jets which hit the Twin Towers, there wasn’t any signal.

’Another point worth contemplating concerning the above-mentioned incident is that none of the officials of the companies belonging to the buildings of the world trade center was a victim. At the time of the incident, most of these managers were invited for a friendly breakfast at a military base, which is very far from New York, and George W. Bush joined them.’

Overall, there is substantial evidence which indicates that 9/11 was perpetrated by American neoconservatives in order to create the opportunity to achieve their goals, such as strengthening militarism, attacking countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and enlisting other countries to join them in fighting terrorism. This suggests the will and determination of the neoconservatives to consolidate American power across the globe at whatever cost.