The prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Secretary General of the National Security Counsel and head of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, went to Russia, on the 31st of July. He was hosted, not only by his russian counterparts, but also by the president Vladimir Poutine.

The Prince Bandar Bin Sultan is today the most powerful man is Saudi Arabia. He was grievously wounded in an assault, committed as a reply to the assassination of the Syrian military leaders, in July 2012, and we had by mistake announced his probable death. He had disapeared for seven months, before reappearing at a royal ceremony. His beard was thick and could neither stand up nor speak publicly. He slowly recovered, regaining control of the kingdom, and of the Syrian war.

Discussions were held about the situation in the muslim world.

The prince did not meet with the press, who was only informed of his visit once it was over.

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Alizée Ville