According to Foreign Policy magazine, Saudi Arabia is lining up an army of about 50 000 men, in Jordan, with the help of Pakistani instructors.

This information is not new, since the plan has been known to our readers for quite some time. However, the initial strategy had envisaged an attack for last August by a column of armoured tanks, supported by the US army. The Saudi Vice-Minister of Defence installed himself in Amman to oversee the formation of this army and ensure the transfer of the tanks from Saudi Arabia. A meeting was held in Amman from 25 to 27 August 2013, chaired by CentCom Commander General Lloyd J. Austin III, to prepare for the operation. For communication purposes, the crew on the first armoured tanks was to be made up of Syrians recruited from refugee camps, while mercenaries would compose the major part of the troops.

The news is that the article in Foreign Policy came out after John Kerry’s trip to Riyadh to restore good relations between the two countries. It the report is confirmed, it would prove that Saudi Arabia is going ahead with this plan even though U.S. military forces have backed out of Syria.

Saudia Arabia’s shadow war”, by David Kenner, Foreign Policy, November 7th 2013.

Alizée Ville