However, Hello!

The way the presidential campaign and the results of the "big Tuesday", in particular, are going, completely stunned American establishment. Democrat’s Clinton-clique struggles to gain points against an impossible in America socialist Sanders. A triumph of Trump’s Republican beau monde is simply baffling.

"Our leaders are stupid. Our politicians are stupid. We have a president who does not know anything. I would say that he is incompetent, but I will not do it, because it is a not nice thing to do...", - Said Trump.

Trendy once American philosopher Fukuyama , quarter of a century ago, announced the end of history, that the victory of liberal democracy around the world was the end point of the social and cultural evolution of mankind. End of history - it is, in essence, the end of politics. Liberal values are so absolute and indisputable that there is, in fact, nothing to argue about. Those who do not share them are the fringe ones, who need to be isolated, ideally - exterminated. Lack of policy for the time being was compensated by raising issue of gay marriage. But here, too, it seems, a consensus has been reached.

The electoral process has become a mega-show,an imitation of the political debate. The top of it was, probably, McCain-Obama election of 2008. "A stern soldier who does not know the words of love" and sophisticated liberal African-American botanist. Why this is not a choice? What on earth do you want?! Two different ideal role models, covering the absence of any political differences.

"We used to be two parties. One was with a conscience but no brains, the other one - had brains, but there was no conscience. Now we have two identical parties, but without conscience or brains. I don’t get it , why do you need them. "- said Harlan Ullman, author of the military doctrine of " shock and awe "in Iraq, a board member of the Atlantic Council.

Now things are different. The American electoral machine, a two-party one, clearly fails. Real Socialist Sanders, anti-establishment bully Trump - is it a return to policy. Is it a failure or a systemic crisis?

From the movie "Garage": "Those in favor of a list proposed by the board, please raise your hands!"

Of course, the system will resist. It will try to absorb or integrate Trump. Obviously, it will succeed - something out of it. But the machine has malfunctioned. Policy got out of the bag and it is not going to be pushed back.

"The sad outcome is that considering how enhanced political disease in this country has become, and how negligent are prospects for structural reform, American policy will probably continue to periodically malfunction until such time when an external shock occurs," - writes Francis Fukuyama in October 2014.

"The American political system, is perhaps so badly damaged that even the most daunting crisis will not instigate an attempt to fix it," - Harlan Ullman said in February 2016.

What is there to add?

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)