To evacuate the Donald Trump hypothesis, members of the Republican Party are seeking a new candidate for the US presidency. It could be General James Mattis.

This great intellectual, dubbed the "monk soldier" as he has never married, was head of CentCom. He has a reputation among the troops of looking after everyone and in particular the lower ranks.

A group of billionaires has assembled a team of seven experts to study both the possibility of launching the James Mattis campaign and the reactions of voters. It seems that in the event of a Donald Trump victory at the primaries, only the General would be able to assemble both Trump supporters and party apparatchiks in order to avoid the implosion of the party.

In 1952, General Dwight Eisenhower had not participated in the primaries because he was still commander of forces in Europe. He had slipped into the competition near the end and was overwhelmingly appointed by the Congress of the Republican Party to represent it.

Roger Lagassé