First published December 23th, 2015.

Resolution 2254 on Syria approved unanimously by the UN Security Council emphasizes «the close link between a ceasefire and a parallel political process». Neutralizing the conflict, would thus favour the easing of the tensions in the Middle East.

But there is a problem: three of the five permanent members of the Security Council - the United States, France and Great Britain – have made the most serious violations of «the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Arabic Republic of Syria», that the resolution speaks of «strongly supporting». These are the ones that organized «the growing influx of terrorists in Syria», which is why in the resolution «they express the most serious concern». Therefore the «ceasefire» depends above all on these three NATO powers and Turkey, an outpost of the covert war against Syria and on the other members of the Alliance, starting with Germany. It also depends on another power, Israel, that has its hands embroiled in this war and other wars. What are its intentions?

Facts speak louder than words. On 18 December, the same day that the Security Council launches the «Road Map for Peace» in Syria, NATO announced sending German and French war ships and Awac arial radar planes to Turkey to strengthen their «defences to the Syrian border», which actually was a direct move against Russia whose intervention against Isis is shifting the outcome of the war to Damascus’s favour. And the day after NATO announced that it is ready the first of the Global Hawk drones that will be deployed at Sigonella, together with the USA, for «terrestrial surveillance», that is for espionage in the countries that are situated in the US/NATO strategic gunsight.

Still on following day that the Security Council drafted the «Road Map for Peace» in the Middle East, Germany announced delivering to Israel the fifth submarine for nuclear attack. As reported by Der Spiegel, they are Dolphin submarines modified to launch nuclear cruise missiles, Popeye Turbo with a range of 1500 km, derived from the United States. With the new submarine rechristened Rahav (Poseidon) – the cost of which is more than 2 billion dollars, a third of which financed by the German government – Israel strengthens its position as the only nuclear power in the region, whilst Iran (which in contrast to Israel is a party to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation) renounces nuclear weapons and Syria delivers her chemical weapons constructed as deterrents against the nuclear weapons of Israel.

On 19 December, the day after the Security Council had reaffirmed «the sovereignty and territorial integrity» of Syria, Israel destroyed at Damscus an entire building with missiles launched from two fighters, by killing (together with several civilians) the Lebanese militant Samir Kuntar: after 30 years of prison in Israel for having fought for the independence of Lebanon and Palestine, released in an exchange in 2008, had been a member of the Hezbollah going to fight for Isis and for this reason Washington entered it onto its list of «global terrorists ».

At the same time France supported in the Security Council the cease fire in Syria, it announced to have received an account of 7 billion dollars for providing 24 Rafale fighter bombers to Qatar: the regime that has fed, also with infiltrated commanders, the war in Syria after which that has demolished Libya. Together with Saudi Arabia that, after having financed with billions of dollars Isis and other groups of terrorists, participates in the coalition led by the USA «against Isis» and has promoted a «Islamic anti-terrorist coalition».

Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)