Thierry Meyssan

[Prensa Latina] According to Thierry Meyssan, president and founder of the Voltaire Network, the Islamic State (IS) or Daesh is an essentially-political movement that uses religion as a reference to create chaos and divide the Arab world.
In an interview with Prensa Latina, Meyssan, who is also a journalist and a political activist of French origin, noted that it is a continuation and weird mix of organizations like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, he noted that "aside from taking power by any means, it lacks a project or program implying the organization of a State and its members have no idea about who are leading them.

Meyssan noted that they do not know the history, precedents of a region like the Middle East, where 4,000 or 5,000 years ago the notion of a State was created, much more conceptually elaborated than the one that prevailed in the West.

That is why, they destroy every symbol of reference to that like in Palmyra and other places in Syria and Iraq, in addition to recruiting members among nomads in the vast deserts of the region, thousands of people who were traditionally isolated due to that cause, whose educational or cultural training is deficient or nil, the expert underlined.

It is a sort of "culture of the desert", alien to any coherent vestige of civilization, fanatically based on pseudo-principles of autocratic and monarchic regimes and in complete contradiction with history, he added.

The recurrence of Mohammed is combined with an intolerant conception of everything else and little humility, although the ringleaders extol it and force their subordinates to follow it, Meyssan pointed out.

Now, sponsors of the Islamic State like Saudi Arabia ignore that 20 years ago they destroyed the birthplace of the Prophet on its territory, because it was a place of idolatry and pilgrimage, he noted.

According to Meyssan, in Syria, in particular, they promote the horror of revenge without distinctions of ethnical groups and beliefs, and they direct their attacks at cultural centers, professionals from all trades and intellectuals.

In 2011, he added, "defending Bashar al Assad and stability in Syria was nearly suicidal and they thought they would succeed in destroying the country and accompanied that objective with daily media bombardments by television stations from the countries of the Gulf and the West.

Five years of war and the tremendous dramatics of destruction have make people not believe in returning to that beginning. It would be to go back thousands of years in time, the expert underlined.

According to Meyssan, the war on site will degrade in some way, because currently, many political lines and several influences are at stake, said the expert, adding that there will be "detente", at least until the upcoming elections in the United States, a country that is involved up to the hilt in what is happening in Syria and the entire region.

Prensa Latina (Cuba)