After the Syrian Arab Army (which to be clear is the Syrian Republic’s Army) finally managed to get to the Iraqi border last week, on 16 June, the Iraqi army has also arrived in the border area (specifically at al-Waleed).

The two armies are still separated by US forces which continue to illegally occupy al-Tanf, Syria.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, these US forces are in the process of fitting themselves out with High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). These missiles could be used by Washington to prevent the Syrian and Iraqi armies from merging and the “Silk Route” from reopening. The Pentagon has refused to make any comment.

In 2014, the Pentagon had organized, funded and armed Daesh with a view to establishing a “Sunnistan” that straddled Syria and Iraq and, which consequently would stand in the way of the Silk Route. From ancient times, this traditional communication route has linked China to the Mediterranean. It also allows Iran to bring arms to Libya.

The key issue is now is to find out if Washington is going to pursue Barack Obama’s policy against the countries of the region or whether it is finally going to apply Donald Trump’s policy against Daesh.

Anoosha Boralessa