The Turkish press agency, Anadolu, has published a map of US and French military bases in Syria as of 17 June 2017.

Turkey is now trying to emphasise Washington’s and Paris’s support for the Kurds belonging to the PKK/PYD.

The zone shaded in green crosses (you have to enlarge the map to see the crosses) in the North-West (Al-Bab) is occupied by the Turkish army, (which also occupies North-Eastern Cyprus and Bachiqa in Iraq).

The United States has always made it known that it had built military bases in Northern Syria (and also in the past in the South). But so far, it has not provided a map showing the geographical location of these bases.

Two of these bases host 75 soldiers belonging to the French special forces.

France still continues to maintain that that it is not deploying special forces in Syria.

The US, French and Turkish occupations are all illegal under international law.

Anoosha Boralessa