On 13 November, the non-recognized Republic of Somaliland is organizing a presidential election that the Western Press has presented as “exemplary”.

A public debate between the three candidates was organized. Social networks have been interrupted during the election to prevent the broadcasting of fake news and the call to voting along tribal lines.

The Presidential Election was first forecast two years ago. As for the recent legislative elections, plans for them date back to 2005.

Somaliland was being propped up by Israel which set up here, together with Saudi Arabia, a joint military staff against Yemen. But the country is in the process of regressing and coming once again under the control of its former colonizer, the United Kingdom, and is being bought by the United Arab Emirates.

The United Kingdom is supervising the elections. Note: it has set up a system of voter-identification by iris.

The United Arab Emirates is in the process of building its first military base abroad. This base should be complete next year. At the same time, Dubaï Ports World is restructuring the Berbera port, next to Djibouti port and facing Aden Port (Yemen); two ports which it already controls. These three installations guarantee its surveillance of the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. The Emirates is also building a route linking Berbera to Ethiopia and is developing several educational and humanitarian projects.