For the first six months of 2018, Bulgaria is presiding over the European Union; yet in this period, a Nazi torch-lit march took place though its capital, Sofia, on 17 February. A member party of the current government participated in this march.

Last year, the Vice Minister of Regional Development, Pavel Tenev, had already been forced to resign after a holiday photo was published in which he was posing giving the Nazi salute before wax statues of Gestapo officers. Following this, a high official from the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, Ivo Antonov, also had to resign following the publication of a photo where he was posing giving the Nazi salute, before a German tank used in the Second World War. Finally, Plamen Ouzounov, Adviser on security issues to the socialist president Roumen Radev, resigned on account of a photo that featured him imitating Adolf Hitler.

Continuing the tradition, now 10 years old, the demonstration of 17 February celebrates the memory of General Hristo Lukov. This gentleman promoted anti-semitism and collaborated with the Nazis. The process had the support of the Union of Patriots, a party member of the coalition government.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boïko Borissov, is the godfather of one of two leading Mafia clans in the country. He represents Bulgaria in the EU Council and is in fact the President for the first six months of 2018. He has organized an important trafficking of drugs and arms to support Al-Qaeda and Daesh in Syria [1].

The German Government has not reacted to the Nazi demonstration held on 17 February in Sofia. In actual fact, Berlin has known Boiko Borrisov for a long time and is blackmailing him. In the EU Council, Boris is cooperates with Germany and granting its every request. Let us not forget that the Polish Donald Tusk, the High Official chairing the administration of the European Council, is a childhood friend of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The European Union is declaring that it was created to fight Nazism and to guarantee peace.

Nazi parties are members of the governments in Lithuania [2], Ukraine [3] and Bulgaria. All these parties have been organized by former Nazis recovered by the Stay Behind networks of the CIA and Nato to fight against the USSR. During the Cold War, they benefitted from the protection of the United States and occasionally Germany.

Anoosha Boralessa

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