I am writing to you with reference to a letter contained in document S/2020/608, wherein the representative of the Israeli regime has bemoaned the termination of the application of certain measures on the export to and import from the Islamic Republic of Iran of arms as specified in resolution 2231 (2015).

Since the conclusion of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was widely welcomed by the international community as an outstanding achievement of multilateral diplomacy, and later unanimously endorsed by the Security Council through resolution 2231 (2015), the Israeli regime has spared no effort and missed no opportunity to undermine its implementation. This is a clear violation of that resolution, according to which any actions undermining the implementation of commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action must be avoided by all.

Later, in line with the destructive policies of the United States – which, in stark violation of its strict legal obligations under resolution 2231 (2015), the Charter of the United Nations and international law, unilaterally terminated its participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and imposed countless sanctions against Iran, and yet continues to make every effort to ultimately destroy that resolution, including its inseparable part, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – the Israeli regime attempts to do whatever is in its power to support that malign policy. Accordingly, as a violator of resolution 2231 (2015), the Israeli regime is in no position to talk about the alleged violation of that resolution by others.

The Israeli regime, with its dark record in crossing all norms of international conduct, disregarding principles of morality and humanity, as well as gross systematic violations of international law, including the commissioning of all four core international crimes, one example of which is the continued occupation of territories of Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan, as well as parts of Lebanon, has been the main source of insecurity and instability in the Middle East. Now, through the dissemination of disinformation and making baseless claims against others, this regime cries wolf about the stability of this volatile region. By doing so and in order to cover up its brutal crimes, expansionist policies, irresponsible conduct and destabilizing activities, the Israeli regime, in flagrant violation of international law and total disregard for the calls by the international community, insists on annexing parts of the Palestinian territory, continues an over a decade-long inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip and persistently violates the sovereignty of regional countries. All such measures are in blatant violations of numerous resolutions of the Security Council (see S/2017/205), including resolutions 1559 (2004), 1701 (2006), 2254 (2015) and 2334 (2016).

Possessing all types of weapons of mass destruction, as well as the most sophisticated conventional weapons, the Israeli regime continues to endanger peace and security in the region and beyond, and at the same time brazenly defies constant strong international calls to join international legally binding instruments banning weapons of mass destruction. As such, it continues seriously hampering the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East – proposed by Iran in 1974. Nevertheless, it attempts to portray Iran’s conventional weapon capabilities or its exclusively peaceful nuclear programme, which is under the most robust verification of the International Atomic Energy Agency, as a challenge to regional stability. This is but a hypocritical move to distract attention from the real danger posed to regional peace and security by this regime, particularly its nuclear-weapon arsenals and clandestine and unsafeguarded nuclear installations and activities.

It should also be borne in mind that the Israeli regime is among the main supporters of the Security Council-designated terrorist groups in the Middle East. The large amount of sophisticated weaponry, seized in Syria, that this regime has provided to terrorist groups such as Da’esh and Al-Nusra Front, as well as its assistance to them to use medical facilities of the Israeli regime for the treatment and recovery of the wounded terrorists, thus enabling them to return to the battlefield, are well documented. These measures are in violation of numerous resolutions of the Security Council, including resolutions 1373 (2001), 2249 (2015) and 2254 (2015).

Given the Israeli regime’s threats to regional and international peace and security, as well as its unlawful acts, the international community, the United Nations and the Security Council must be fully vigilant about all destabilizing policies and illegal practices of this regime in such a volatile region as the Middle East, and their ramifications for international peace and security, and thus hold it accountable for all such inhumane policies and brutal and unlawful practices.

While categorically rejecting all unfounded claims raised in the above-mentioned letter, I should be grateful if you would have the present letter circulated as a document of the Security Council.